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Start your brand new website

We can build from scratch the brilliant and professional website that your business deserves.

Update your old website

We can refresh the look and feel of your existing website with a modern and remarkable design.

Repair your broken website

We can fix any problem on an existing website or rebuild it with the previous design without errors.

Few businesses that are set up for success

Get a head start on your business journey with a free website. Our websites are free, secure, fast, easy to customize and mobile ready.

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Why our websites are for free?

Our business model is different

We don’t rely on the website fee to sustain our business. We offer and recommend paid additional services.

Website builders. Not sales people

Building websites is our way to connect with business owners who might trust us for larger projects in the future.

Strengthen the business ecosystem

Starting and growing a business isn’t always easy – we know that. We want to support SMBs first digital steps.

A website is the foundation
for the growth and health of a business


Not having a website for your business is grounds for suspicion. The number of potential clients will be lower than having a more stable digital presence.

Brand Awareness

Showcasing your brand and clearly establishing who you are, what you represent and what you stand for, increases the chances of success.


A website increases internal productivity by reducing the calls with simple questions. It also helps clients find useful information on time.


Once you’re online you have a chance of showing up in Google search results for potential customers and highlight your service offering.

Always On

The website is the door and welcome mat of your business. Is your hardest working employee. Working 24/7 every day to attract and book new clients.

One website for free every purpose

Lawyers & Tax Agents

Sample of a Health Professional Website built for free

Health Professionals


Web Initiate Free Personal Website

Personal Sites

Free content sites at Web Initiate

Content Sites

Free site for coaches at Web Initiate

Coaches and Personal Trainers

Free website for sport clubs and races

Races & Clubs

A restaurant with a Free Website


Do we accept all applications?

Unfortunately we cannot accept all the applications.
We highly encourage you to apply and we will get back to you in 48-72 hours.


How do I apply for a free website?

Applying for a Free Website at Web Initiate is straightforward. You can do it in less than one minute here.

How much does it cost to have a website?

Web Initiate will provide you with the website for free. However, having a website has some recurring costs (domain and hosting)

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